Skorpion .22 Suppressor

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Product Description

The Skorpion .22 silencer was designed specifically to fill the needs of customers who were  continuously requesting a few main things key to a great .22 suppressor.

Durability was a primary driving factor, the entire suppressor is constructed out of high grade aluminum and stainless steel to handle many years shooting.

A very quiet sound signature and repeatable accuracy makes the Skorpion 22 stand out as one of the best suppressors made today.

In response to customers with different applications we offer the Skorpion 22 in 3 different lengths:

  •      4″ Pocket Length: Useful for small carry pistols.
  •      6″ Standard length: Great for suppressing Pistols or Rifles.
  •      8″ Jumbo Length: Provides a bit more sound suppression when overall length is not a concern.

Finally, simplicity of disassembly and cleaning was one of the important concerns we found with customers looking for a .22 suppressor.

With the Skorpion 22 we achieved all those things in a product that you will enjoy for many years.

Caliber:    .22LR
Weight: Pocket (5oz), Standard (6oz), Jumbo (8oz)
Length: Pocket (4″), Standard (6″), Jumbo (7.75″)
Diameter: 1″
Core Material: (Baffles and End Caps) Stainless Steel
Tube Material: Aluminum
Finish: Brushed or Cerakoted
Full Auto: Yes
Thread Pitch: 1/2-28 (Different pitch available on request)

Additional Information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6 in
Skorpion Size

Jumbo – 8 oz at 7 3/4″, Pocket – 5 oz at 4″, Standard – 6 oz at 6″


Brushed Stainless, Cerakoted

Skorpion Thread

1/2-28 (standard), Custom

Skorpion Diameter


Skorpion Caliber

17HMR, .22LR, .22WMR, 5.7

Full Auto Rated

Yes (22LR)