Nemesis 7.62 Caliber Sound Suppressor

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Product Description

The Nemesis 7.62 Suppressor is our flagship direct thread titanium suppressor designed for all .30 Caliber rifles.

It was specifically designed for hunting and long range precision shooting applications.

Light weight was a primary factor in the design of the Nemesis.

This translates into lessened point of impact shift and less harmonic disturbance to the barrel.

The titanium housing allows use of the suppressor on higher pressure calibers and is designed to be rigid and robust for repeatable points of impact.

The Nemesis 7.62 was designed around .308 and 300 Blackout for maximum flexibility and is rated up to .300 Winchester Magnum.

It’s the perfectly suited suppressor for competitive high powered rifle cartridges and long range shooting.

The Nemesis is ideal for: sporting and varmint use on fully automatic, semi automatic, and bolt action rifles.

Caliber:   7.62, 7mm, 300 Win Mag, 30-06, 270 Win

Weight: 22oz

Length: 10.0″

Diameter: 1 1/2″

Core Material: Stainless Steel

Tube Material: Titanium

Finish: Brushed Titanium or Cerakoted

Full Auto: Yes

Thread Pitch: 5/8×28 (Different pitch available on request)

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Brushed Titanium, Cerakoted

Nemesis Thread


Nemesis Diameter


Nemesis Caliber

7.62, 7mm, 300 Win Mag, 30-06, 270 Win

Full Auto Rated

Yes, Bring It On!!!

Core Material

Stainless Steel

Tube Material